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Testimonials:  provided by clients and published with their permission

(BOWEN) Sciatica

I have been with Barbara for a couple of years, with very painful sciatica.  The sciatica has affected by back, my hip, the front of my leg and across the foot.  The therapy has been remarkably healing.  Barbara's room for treatment is very conducive to the gentle therapy.  I would recommend this form of treatment to anyone.

WH - May 2022

 (BOWEN) various issues

I cannot speak too highly of my Bowen treatments.  I have provided quite a few challenges, caused by accidents and an operation, over the years, but Barbara has always been able to ease my body back into shape. I sometimes actually forget that these are treatments, as the whole experience is so relaxing.

LS - Jan 2022  

(BOWEN) Lower back/leg pain

I had a series of Bowen therapy treatments last year for discomfort in my lower back and leg. Barbara was fantastic. She was thorough and professional so that she could understand my symptoms and lifestyle and she was clear that it was no “miracle” therapy. But the fact of the matter is the symptoms stopped following the treatment I had. I haven’t had them back in 6 months. Working at home (at my dining table) has now brought about some other back issues so I will be booking in again with Barbara as soon as I can. Knowing that she is there and has the skills and knowledge to help with issues as they inevitably arise is fantastic. The other great thing about Barbara is that she doesn’t commit you to a long series of treatment; you decide what you need and how long you go for so you don’t feel like you’re signing up for an unnecessarily expensive course of therapy. You’re in control. I have recommended her to a number of friends already. 

AS - Jul 2020

(REFLEXOLOGY) for hormonal issues

I felt well under par when I was unable to have treatment during lockdown. With my joint and hormones running riot I can honestly say there wasn’t a day when I didn’t wish I could get to see Barbara who is definitely my health hero!

AB Jul 2020


I always found that my Bowen Therapy sessions were very relaxing indeed.  I only had one reflexology treatment and I was very surprised indeed by how I felt afterwards,  I didn't tell Barbara at the time, but I was having quite a lot of problems with a pain in my neck on the left side, going up towards my head.  After the reflexology treatment, the pain subsided and I've not had it since.  I had never considered reflexology in the past because I don't like my feet being touched, so it came as a great and pleasant surprise to realise that, going forward, this might actually be the treatment that I respond best to. 

JB - April 2020 

(BOWEN) Frozen shoulder, general aches and pains

I have always found that Bowen treatments really help with various aches and pains and frees up a lot of tightness in the muscles.  I always feel a lot better after the treatment as it is very relaxing and has great benefits with sleep.  I have noticed the difference in the way I feel, while the lockdown has been on.

MF - April 2020


(BOWEN/MSTR) Back/knee pain/stress 

I trialled Bowen Therapy from recommendation without any knowledge or prior understanding of the technique.  Barbara’s approach was confident, reassuring and professional and I felt comfortable, valued and empowered.  The effectiveness of Bowen Therapy transformed my physical and mental wellbeing and has enabled me to have a positive outlook and a new confidence about my future mobility.

KT - December 2018 

(BOWEN/MSTR) Back pain/general aches and pains

I recommended Barbara months ago and have visited regularly since then. However I feel the need to let people know about the experience I had yet again today that completely blew me away! I told Barbara about ongoing back pain along with other aches and niggles I had. Barbara worked on scars from operations I've had previously and within minutes they went from feeling hard & bumpy to soft tissue minus pain??? She then proceeded to do a move that relaxed muscles in the top of my legs/ hip area which made the arch in my lower back practically disappear!!  The knowledge that Barbara has and the work that she carries out is absolutely amazing - she is truly magical.  I would advise anyone with any ailment to give it a go and see for yourselves - unbelievable!

TE - September 2018

(BOWEN) Back pain and neck/shoulder tension

I can now bend down to paint my toe nails without my lower back being in agony.  Oh and I can actually turn my head to see traffic whilst driving which is brilliant!

VD - July 2018

(BOWEN) Triathlete

Another wonderful relaxing Bowen session with Barbara, I've trained hard - swimming, biking, running, in readiness for Staffs 70.3.  Bowen has helped me stay injury free, set my energy levels back up, sorted my hay fever and eased my asthma.  I wouldn't be without it, it's been part of my training for the last two years!

KB - June 2018

(BOWEN)  Bereavement/lower back pain

After the sudden loss of my Father this month, I've had two Bowen treatments and feel so much better, both physically and emotionally.  I can't recommend this therapy enough - it really does work!

KL - May 2018

(REPRODUCTIVE REFLEXOLOGY) Hot flushes, night sweats, poor sleep pattern and energy levels

I arranged to see Barbara after suffering with the effects of Menopause, hot flushes and night sweats that were continuously waking me up during the night.  I had tried HRT in the past but had been off it for some time. I was toying with the idea of starting HRT again but looked into holistic therapy also.  I decided to try reflexology after reading about some positive results with Menopausal symptoms.  I found Barbara and booked in to have an assessment and course of six treatments.  The treatment is extremely relaxing and satisfying.  I can honestly say that my hot flushes and night sweats have disappeared completely after having this treatment.  I am also sleeping better which has raised my energy levels.  I will keep having ‘top up’ treatments every few weeks, mainly because I love the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing it gives me.

JP - March 2018


Thank you so much for helping me with the pain I’ve suffered!  Since your sessions I have been 100% pain free.  Even considered drastic surgery, which I no longer even think about.  It’s like a miracle, thank you!  Thanks again for all your help!!!

JB - June 2017

(BOWEN) Feeling run down and tired

After feeling  SO rough recently I now feel like I've had a massive adrenaline boost after my visit today!!!! Thank you. You're amazing.

TE - October 2016

(BOWEN) Triathlete issues

I've been using Barbara and the Bowen technique since October 2015 and have not looked back since.  I recently started triathlons and my body was taking the toll of training.  Since using Bowen I have been free of major injuries, any niggles or tightness have been corrected. Always about 2/3 days after treatment energy levels are back up and training feels good again.  I completed the Staffs 70.3 so chilled and full of energy from start to finish.  I really believe Bowen helped.  I'm now heading for IMWales the full distance and hoping Bowen will help me to get through this.  I can't recommend Bowen enough - thank you Barbara
KB - August 2016

(BOWEN) Frozen shoulder

I originally saw Barbara for a frozen shoulder that had persisted for 6 months following a motorcycle accident. This had left me with restricted movement, pain and worse of all an inability to sleep on the affected side.  Being of the “no pain no gain” school of thought I was initially surprised by the gentle movements of Bowen Therapy.  However, as the treatments progressed there was a clear improvement in the movement and level of pain being experienced in my shoulder. Then, some five  sessions down the line I was at last able to tolerate lying on my affected side and finally be able to sleep in my preferred position with the obvious positive effect on my sleep.  Now that my shoulder pain has completely gone I have been able to focus on the rest of my body. I have always suffered with my back and been quite inflexible. This would show itself, for example, when gardening as I would experience a few days of aches and pains following a good day outside.  Now however, I have noticed that the aches and pains are massively reduced and in terms of flexibility I have never felt freer in my lower back.  I have chosen to see Barbara on a regular monthly basis to keep “topped up” and devote an hour of relaxation to myself which I always look forward to.

JH - April 2015

(BOWEN) Severe headaches/facial nerve pain – couldn’t bear any noise so excluded me from work/family activities

Having suffered for over 8 weeks with limited pain relief from my GP/Consultant, I visited my Bowen Therapist.  Following the second treatment, my pain dramatically reduced and over relatively few sessions, I was able to return to work and my life! Considering the severe pain I was suffering, and the effect this was having on my life and wellbeing, the results of the Bowen treatments were amazing!  

AD - November 2014

(BOWEN)  Knee pain  

Thank you to Barbara Silvester for the Bowen treatment on my knee.  Would recommend this treatment as I can now sleep all night without waking in severe pain.

JM - September 2016

(BOWEN)  Multiple issues - hormonal/lower back pain/sleep issues 

Utterly amazing treatments that have helped my family & I.  On my first appointment I wondered 'what was going on' especially as you are left for a minute or so after Barbara works her magic -  now I don't question anything because the treatment works wonders and I cannot recommend 'Bowen' enough for anyone that suffers from a bad back, hormone issues, sleep issues or anything else that causes a problem!!!  It really is amazing 

TE - February 2016

(REFLEXOLOGY) Rheumatoid Arthritis and menstrual cycle - every day chores caused pain and discomfort
After regular reflexology my life is back to normal no aches and pains and no medication. It has also helped in relation to my menstrual cycle. No headaches, no bloating and my energy levels are much better. My young daughters also love reflexology!
SS - February 2015

(BOWEN) PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) and erosion of discs in lower back.  Prevented me from walking and kneeling

Barbara, my therapist, has given me my quality of life back.  Before seeing her, I couldn’t walk for more than two minutes. Now I can walk normally, I also had extreme upper and lower back pain and this too, has gone.  I am also experiencing having more energy.  I would recommend both her and the therapy 100%.  I am so very grateful to at last feel so well.

MW - September 2014

(BOWEN) Severe bout of cystitis

Treatment was fantastic.  I was getting no sleep, was very uncomfortable and constantly on the toilet.  One treatment completely cleared it.

NG - September 2012

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